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I've been to Tobiko several times with a friend of mine - it happens to be in the perfect location to get together for lunch. This is a lovely wood-themed restaurant with numerous booths made up of light wood benches and arbors overhead, as well as a central dining area. There's a live lobster tank to one side and a small bar at the back. It's always been quiet and relaxing when we've been in here.

We tend to get sushi and sashimi only when we go here, so I can't comment on the other dishes - but the sushi and rolls we've gotten have been great! The cuts of fish are quite tasty, and the rolls are really good. I like the B52, but we've had many other roll varieties here and have loved them all. I get stuffed every time and my friend has to finish off the pieces I can't get to.

Service is nice and friendly - they don't rush you at all and are quite willing to have you sit there sipping tea for a long time. The large windows make the place bright and sunny.

Well recommended!

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