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Rating: 4 / 5

Bisuteki is in the bottom level of a (gasp) Howard Johnson's. I actually worked right around the corner from it for quite a few years and always refused to go in. I mean, after all, how good could something in a HoJo be?

But my friend came in from MN and was staying next door, so we decided to go over there for a steakhouse dinner. And of course some sushi.

For starters, the sushi was excellent. I was worried when they said they "didn't do complicated things like Manhattan rolls", but what they DID do - regular single-fish sushi servings - was fresh, well done, and delicious. We were quite pleasantly surprised.

They did have miso soup, and the ginger salad, and their main dishes were superb! We all got something different, and the food was fresh, of good quality, and well cooked. We since ate there with friends from St Louis and, tho it was very late in the evening, they still did a very good job. On our last Mensa trip the sushi selection was even better. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in the Boston area.

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