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Caesars is realitivly a new Restaurant in Springfield Ma. Located on Columbus Ave.
My husband and I decided to give it a try,when you walk in it looks like a place you go when you dress up but jeans and a T shirt are fine.
The first thing I noticed was, there is no childrens menu and we happen to bring our 3 kids when I asked our server if there was a special menu for kids she politly said no and the manager came to our table, we were told there will not be a kids menu because she really did not want children in her restaurant.
Well, being told the food was good we stayed,and ordered Steaks for the kids to share.My Husband also got a steak a sirloin and I ordered a fillet, the meals came with choice of potato and a veggie of the evening, salads were extra which I don't mind usually but they were skimpy portions. Bread comes with the meal but we had to ask for it several times before we recieved it and by that time our meal was at the table.
We also asked about the wine,the server had no idea about the wine choices and could not suggest any.
When we recieved our meals my husbands steak was not cooked as he had ordered it and ask for it to be taken back it was much to rare for his liking.
The server smiled and took it back, but you could over hear the cook in the kitchen yelling that his steak was cooked perfectly and refusing to recook it
finally a younge man approached our table and introduced himself as one of the managers and apologized for the under cooked meat,stating that the server did not correctly write the temp on the steak. WE did get money off the meal but when our check came we noticed the server had properly written the temp.
I soon noticed the blame was being put on this server so as it seemed not be the cooks fault.
We felt as though the meal was over priced a bit but you don't mind if the food is good which it was not.the service was lacking the cook was loud and management seemed not to care
We went to Caesars because a friend recommended it but the server he had was no longer there (I wonder why) and the food we ordered could have been great had we not been made to wait while the mistake in temp was corrected properly and had there been a childrens menu and if WE DID NOT HAVE TO LISTEN TO A CHEF WHO THOUGHT HE WAS PERFECT NOW I ASK HOW HARD IS IT TO COOK A STEAK!!!!!!!

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