Plymouth Colony Vineyards
Plymouth, MA

One summer day we took a pleasant drive into Plymouth, Massachusetts to visit the Plymouth Colony Winery. This winery grows its own cranberries, but imports the rest of its raw materials to make an interesting assortment of wine.

The building itself is rather small, in keeping with the small bog it sits alongside. The wines we tasted were all quite sweet and very distinctive. The Cranberry wine is some of the best I've ever tasted - a good, strong flavour, but not too tart. The blueberry was also quite good, again, a nice, strong flavour, but not overpowering.

The blush was very even and palatable. I liked the wines very much, but found it disappointing that they discussed only growing the cranberries on site, and brought in fruit juice to make the rest from. It seems they're less of a winery than a aging and bottling station.

The Wineries of Massachusetts

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