Truro Vineyards
Truro, MA

From pretty much anywhere in New England, be prepared for the long drive out to Truro if you want to visit this winery. Truro is about as far out on the Cape as you can get, nestled amidst sand dunes and piping plovers. From the Cape Cod Winery in Falmouth, we drove over an hour, with the sun setting behind us, and pulled up at Truro Vineyards at 4:40. Just in time!

The Truro Vineyards also houses an inn, and is set in a large white house alongside rows of vines. The front door opens onto an area displaying the wine bottles and other items for sale, and further back is an interesting museum-like section with old wine presses and demi-johns in wicker baskets.

The woman doing the tasting explained that the owners were working on the wines at the moment, and that there were only two wines left in stock! These were a Chardonnay and a Bordeaux-blend called Trilogy. When a few more people arrived, we began our tasting.

First, the Chardonnay. This is grown in Truro and is fermented with a Champagne yeast. The wine is 50% malolactic as well. It has a very crisp, bright flavor to it, with a chalky undertone.

The second wine is "Trilogy" - a blend of Cabernet Franc from here, with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from California. This was really tasty - a great smoky aroma, rich flavor and long finish. It has a good complexity to it. We bought a bottle of this for our cellar.

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